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Customer Comments

Here are success stories and comments about C.S. Lures submitted by customers. We would like to hear from you!

If you are using C.S. Lures please send in your comments and success stories using our contact form.


For pictures of fish caught on C.S. Lures, or to submit your own digital photo, please visit our Photo Gallery.


Thank you for your interest in C.S. Lures.

These lures are great, they out catch every other bait we use hands down!

Tom D. of Illinois - June 2016

Anyone who fishes the Fox Chain-o-Lakes in Northern IL knows that catching northern pike is about as hard, if not harder, than catching muskies up there. Fortunately, I found a bait that consistently puts big pike in the boat on the Chain, the C.S. Lures spinner #5 in Red/White. Not one, not two, but three northern pike over 36" have been boated this spring on this specific bait. On top of the consistent fish catching, I've found the quality of craftsmanship to be superior to many of the big-production lures available at a higher cost. My blade has not lost any paint, and the skirt has withstood over 20 pike without becoming tattered and torn. If it ever does get worn out, these lures are so affordable that I won't have any issues with buying two or three to replace my one even though I already have three in the same pattern. If your local bait shop isn't carrying these baits, you need to convince them that they need C.S. Lures in stock.

Tyler P. of Illinois - April 2016

It is truly a hidden gem to find quality products. Hands down these are the best bang-for-the-buck spinner baits on the market. Great color combinations for any type of water clarity. I've had Muskie, Northern, Largemouth, Smallmouth, Channel Cat and Walleye hit the number 5. Pike are tearing them up, it’s non-stop action.

Bryan W. of Wisconsin - June 2013

Got a chance to throw the new C.S. Lures SPINNERAMA™ 77 Muskie Lure and they are real nice. They spin on the crank of the handle and have double 7 blades which is real unique. A must-have in your tackle box!

Jimmy T. of Jimmy T's Guide Service - May 2013

I discovered these lures on the early morning bait shop run. I grabbed the #5 SPINNERAMA™, Fire Tiger color. We went out on Duck Lake in Ingleside, IL. I liked how the lure looked in the water, so I tossed it around and ended up catching a sweet Northern Pike. I was super excited...thanks for the tackle :)

Chris L. of Ingleside, IL - May 2013

Bought a few C.S. Lures at the Tinley Park Fishing Show in 2012. Went to Northern Minn. for a week in early July.  Fishing that week was fair at best. After a day, took out the C.S. Lures for the first time. Consistently caught fish!! CPR'd a 37" Northern and several large Smallmouths in the first hour. This lure outperformed all the lures in my packed box. Went to Tinley this year and bought a bunch of new C.S. Lures. Best value and very successful!

Paul H. of Mokena, IL - February 2013

Nothing was really working that day, and when I saw C.S. Lures in my client’s tackle box, I told him to try them. Within a few minutes my clients were catching Northerns and Smallmouths! C.S. Lures saved the day for us!

Doug K. Guiding on Lake Vermillion, MN - July 2012

Dear Steve, I have never had much success with an inline spinner as I told you at the Sandwich Outdoors show. But I purchased two of your #5’s. Saturday we were at Braidwood Lake, the water was 90 degrees. We fished for 6 hrs and had not had a bite. I tied on one of the C.S. Lures and about 5 minutes later I had a monster on the end of the line! I did not get the fish landed so I have no picture to send but I KNOW that your lures attract big fish. Here’s to tight lines! Thanks, Brad.

Brad K. Fishing at Braidwood Lake in IL - June 2012

I purchased a few of your lures this year at the Sandwich, IL show. My thought was to use them when downsizing for Illinois Muskies when the bite is tuff. I used them at Lake Kinkaid this spring and was not able to catch a Muskie on them but TORE UP THE BASS. This is a perfect bait for my 11 year old son! I just completed an order to replace a couple of baits that most of the paint had been knocked off the blades...yep, that is how many fish I caught on them.

Dan P. Fishing at Lake Kinkaid in Illinois - August 2011

I like C.S. Lures SPINNERAMA™, an in-line spinner for pike. They are from Steve Martino, a local man. They are inexpensive, durable and come in some very unique color combinations. The No. 5 SPINNERAMA™ with the pink blade and the pink-and-black skirt continuously out-produced any other lure on our trip. We threw every other col­or combo and many different colors of my old favorite spinners but couldn’t catch fish like we did on the C.S. Lures pink spinner. Unfortunately, I only had one C.S. Lures SPINNERAMA™ in pink and when a feisty Northern cut Joe’s line, our luck went south. We tried black, chartreuse, white and orange with tepid results. I finally found a large pink spinnerbait in the bottom of my tackle box, tied it on and immediately began catching pike again. Pink. Go figure.

Steve Sarley "The Outdoors Experience" Fishing in the U.P., MI - August 2011

We try to get out and fish as much as possible. I’ve always enjoyed using spinner baits and rooster tails, etc. So the C.S. Lures SPINNERAMA™ is the best of both worlds in my opinion. It has it all.

Erik Z. - May 2011

In the first 10 casts using the new small size #2 C.S. Lures I bet only 2 didn't catch a fish. It was windy and cold. I bounced these lures along spawn beds and caught Largemouth, Sunfish, Bluegill and Perch. At one point my neighbor came down to see what I was using. I flipped it out two feet to show her the action in the water and before it hit the shore a bass nailed it!

Mike G. - May 2011

Threw an original #5 Nickel blade Light Blue and White C.S. Lure for two straight days in the retention pond and caught seven good sized Largemouth, three of them 3 pounders, all catch and release. This lure worked great on the cool, murky and windy water, especially in the shallows.

Adrian M., Sandwich, IL H.S. Fishing Coach - May 16, 2011

The weather was cold, windy and rainy at times, but the fishing was solid. The SPINNERAMA™ out-caught every other lure. I love the new colors and the Bass did too!

Dan W. Fishing at St. Croix Flowage in Gordon, WI - May 15, 2011

Just a note to let you know that I have never caught a Bass using an in-line spinner bait but I saw yours at the Tinley Park Outdoors show and bought a couple. On Friday, March 18th, I was out and throwing a regular spinner and not getting any hits so I tied on the C.S. Lures White and Chartreuse #2 blade SPINNERAMA™ and in nine casts landed two Bass; each were 14 inches. Thank you for the great baits! These were my first and second fish of the year. Thanks again!

Henry J. - March 20, 2011

C.S. Lures in-line spinners have been working very well here in the Pacific Northwest where the lakes are weedy and shallow. What is nice about these lures is that they run shallow above the weed lines. We are having the best luck on Black and Purple and on White and Chartreuse. The other color combinations also work very well. My clients like using C.S. Lures because they are simple to use and productive. I think these lures have a step up on the traditional spinner baits since they don't go as deep and are easy for a beginner angler to use. I caught a 38" x 15.5" girth Muskie on the large size #5 Black and Purple SPINNERAMA™ on Newman Lake in Spokane County, Washington.

Craig Dowdy of Yankin Jaw Guide Service Elk, WA

I just walked in the door after our recent fishing trip and had to email you! Our weekend was met with its fair share of challenges, including boat problems and above average rainfall, making the upper Mississippi very hard to fish. However, your SPINNERAMA™ lures saved the trip! I caught this 34 inch 5 1/2 pound Northern Pike on my third cast off of a large rock pile on the main river channel. My girlfriend caught one much larger on her second cast along a weed bed in some backwater, only to have him make a run and cut her line just feet from the boat and net. We were using the large size #5's Purple and Pink and the Light Blue and White. The locals said fishing was very tough with the high water, but with help from C.S. Lures we ate well. Thank you and we will be ordering a replacement SPINNERAMA™ for the one that is still in a trophy Northern's lip at the bottom of the Mississippi.

Chase B. Fishing at DeSoto Bay, WI - June 20, 2010

I work at Northwest Outlet in Superior, WI, and I have to tell you that the SPINNERAMA™ is dynamite and the fish try to destroy this. I have caught Smallmouth, Largemouth, Pike, Perch, Walleye, Crappie and even Catfish on the original large size #5 C.S. Lures. I was working on the day when you brought them in to our shop to sell, and I am proud to say I bought one of each color. They all catch fish. Today I picked up some of the new colors you have out for this year. These in-line spinners definitely found a place in my tackle box for good. Can't wait to give the new colors a try. Thanks!

Clyde at Northwest Outlet Superior, WI - April 13, 2010

The SPINNERAMA™ was a big part of our fishing success this weekend. My daughter Gina used the large size #5 White and Chartreuse SPINNERAMA™ and caught three Northerns in late June at the St. Croix Flowage at Gordon, WI. She normally uses top water lures to avoid the weeds, but she had no trouble casting the SPINNERAMA™ and working it right above the weeds. As a parent it was great to see her have such success.

Dan W. - July 28, 2009

Northern Pike is the strongest bite out there and C.S. Lures is putting a hurt on them. We literally wore out these life-like lures with all the vicious hits by Pike. We caught these Pike in 3 to 4 feet of water in back bays with good weed cover. All areas that held panfish were hotspots. They not only attract big Pike, but we also landed Muskies as well as big Bass, both Smallmouth and Largemouth.

Julio-Pro Staff Guide at Chuck's Sport Shop in Tomahawk, WI - June 17, 2009

This past week saw an improvement in Muskie fishing. The key is to keep your offering small and fish shallow as the Muskies are feeding on spawning gills. We had action mostly on small spinners made by C.S. Lures of Roselle, Ill. These spinners really have life-like action in the water and are catching some nice size Muskies right now with a couple of Muskies pushing 40 inches.

Julio-Pro Staff Guide at Chuck's Sport Shop in Tomahawk, WI - June 3, 2009

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