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Please use this form to contact us.

Your inquiries and feedback are important. Please send us comments and feedback about C.S. Lures products, your success stories using C.S. Lures, and feedback about our website.

Also use this form for sales and general inquiries.

We will typically respond within five to seven business days.

To submit a photo of your C.S. Lures catch, please visit our Photo Gallery.

Note: customers submitting product testimonials and photos give C.S. Lures permission to use their comments, photos, first name, and location (if included) on its website and promotional materials.

Thank you for your interest in C.S. Lures.

Steve Martino, Owner 

C.S. Lures, Inc.

P.O. Box 72752

Roselle, IL 60172


Thank you! Message sent.

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