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Welcome to C.S. Lures


C.S. Lures designs and sells quality fishing lures for anglers everywhere. We use our own fishing lures regularly and have great success catching fish with them. You will want to use our lures too. Why? Because C.S. Lures products are made with quality components, are easy to use and can catch fish all season long.


Our current line of fishing lures is the C.S. Lures SPINNERAMA.


Great shallow-running in-line spinner baits ideal for catching:

      • Largemouth Bass
      • Smallmouth Bass
      • Northern Pike
      • and even Muskies!

Smaller blade ideal for catching:                                      

      • Panfish (Bluegill, Crappie, etc.)
      • Smallmouth Bass and White Bass
      • Trout
      • and More!

Available in a variety of popular color combinations.

 See our new 1oz and 3/8oz Spinnerbaits featuring tinsel & silicone!


The blade allows for a slow retrieve so the SPINNERAMAstays in the "strike zone" longer, allowing for more BANG for your cast!


This lure comes in a variety of popular color combinations for attracting fish in different water types such as clear, stained, etc. It can be fished slow, shallow and above the weeds with ease. Single blade lures come in two sizes: #5 and #2 Colorado blade. These lures are versatile enough to catch fish all season long.


Larger Muskie lures come with twin #7 Colorado blades.


The high-grade silicone skirt tantalizes fish to the point where they just can't resist! The SPINNERAMA in-line spinnerbait is sure to produce positive results time and time again while enjoying a morning, an evening or an entire day of fishing. It is also great for teaching beginners the art of casting and catching fish.


C.S. Lures are sold at retail stores and at our Online Store.

Read what customers are saying about C.S. Lures:


"Northern Pike is the strongest bite out there and C.S. Lures is putting a hurt on them. We literally wore out these life-like lures with all the vicious hits by Pike. We caught these Pike in 3 to 4 feet of water in back bays with good weed cover. All areas that held panfish were hotspots. They not only attract big Pike, but we also landed Muskies as well as big Bass, both Smallmouth and Largemouth."


Read more comments and see photos of fish caught on

C.S. Lures.


If you are a retailer or distributor looking for sales information, please contact us with your inquiries.


Thank you for your interest in C.S. Lures.


Steve Martino, Owner  

C.S. Lures, Inc.

P.O. Box 72752

Roselle, IL 60172



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C.S. Lures listens closely to anglers' challenges and suggestions to design its lures, and since we acquire large quantities of our products to keep consumer pricing low, you can be sure the designs have established both success on the water and demand in the market.

Send us your ideas for NEW COLOR combinations and designs using our contact form.

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Muskie and Bass sizes!